Article: Compliance of companies selling electrical and electronic equipment

Authors: PETCU Cătălin

Pages: 37-43

DOI: 10.57263/JMQ.01.02.20224

Published online: 29.12.2022

Abstract: In the circular economy, waste will become the main resource. As electrical and electronic waste is a sector with a major growth, it is imperative to develop policies and strategies that lead to increased collection of this type of waste. Most end-users lack knowledge of proper recycling or reuse, often disposing of electronic waste as household waste. Improper disposal threatens life and ecosystems. Electronic and electronic waste is a resource of rare materials but is also rich in toxic metals and other pollutants. Implementing an environmental management system at the level of companies selling WEE can help the compliance process of these companies.

Keywords: environmental management system, circular economy, electrical and electronic waste, Markov chain

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