1. Papers must be in English. The Journal of Management and Quality accept only original and unpublished papers that fit the specific fields. Use your professional e-mail address only to send the paper and Declaration of Originality as attached files, to

2. Submission of a paper implies that it contains original work that has not previously been published and that has not been submitted for publication elsewhere.

3. Publication of the paper is approved by all authors and if accepted, it will not be published elsewhere including electronically in the same form, in any other language, without the written consent of the copyright holder.

4. Authors must disclose papers published or under review in other journals based on similar methods or data.

5. The paper will not exceed 10 pages, including the references and annexes. Please do not submit papers with more than 10 pages. Template for paper can be downloaded from here.

6. The title will be in English language, Times New Roman 18, bold

7. An abstract of a maximum of 10 lines is required. The abstract will be in the Romanian and English language, Times New Roman 10.

8. Keywords (at least five) are also required, Times New Roman 10.

9. The paper must be in Word format, Margins: Top 2,4 cm, Bottom 1,8 cm, Inside 2,5 cm, Outside 2 cm, Font: Times New Roman 12. The paper must be the following structure: Introduction- 10 % of the paper length, Methods-20 % of the paper length, Results- 30 % of the paper length, discussion- 30 % of the paper length, Conclusions- 10 % of the paper length and Bibliographic References. Find all this information enclosed in the file Template.

10. Figures should be colored with high resolution with descriptive headings. A figure (image, chart, graph, photo, etc.) is placed just after the phrase, in which it is mentioned.



11. Each table is written directly in the paper file, using the font Times New Roman 10. Do not introduce tables as images into the text! A table is placed just after the phrase, in which it is mentioned.



12. Equations and formulae: An equation must be written directly in the paper file, using Times New Roman 12. Do not introduce equations as images. The order numbers of the equations are written between parentheses, on the right side of the page.

13. Papers that don’t comply with this guide will not be considered for publication.

14. The peer-reviewing (evaluation) process. Manuscripts submitted for publication are double-blinded and reviewed by independent experts that evaluate the scientific quality of a paper. The receiving date of a paper is considered the day when the paper by e-mail is received by the Editorial Staff. The average time of a paper review is at least 3-6 months, from the receiving day of the paper. Soon after a paper is accepted, it is published in the function of the prompt response to the reviewers’ comments.

15. All submitted papers are checked for originality. Authors are exclusively responsible for the content originality of their paper concerning the calculations, experimental data and scientific assertions, as well as the linguistic accurateness. The proposals are rejected, if they were published (partially or completely), they have no relevant scientific content, original features, or relevant and timely bibliographic resources (min. 70 % of works published after 2017 and min. 50 % of papers published ISI journals). A “Declaration of originality” signed by each author should accompany each paper.

16. Bibliographic references should include relevant sources, those which add further evidence or clarify the methodology. Citations in the text should be made with Arab numerals in square brackets [1]. References should be presented in consecutive order (as they are referred to in the text) at the end of the paper. Please include at least 15 items.

Bibliographic References

Books: [x] Last Name (all letters uppercase), First Names (Initial Letters) (for each author), Title of the book (in italics), edition #, vol. #, revised by X, Place of publication: Publishing Company, year. (dot)

A chapter from a book: [x] Name and First name, “Title of the chapter”, vol. x:    , Publishing Company, year. (dot) pp. xx

Periodicals: [x] Last name (all letters uppercase), First names (Initial letters) (for each author), “Title of the Paper (between quotations marks)” (Title translated in English, if paper written in Romanian or French), Name of the Journal (in italics), year, vol. #, issue #, pp. (page numbers), print ISSN and/or online ISSN. (dot)

An Internet document: [x] Last name (all letters uppercase), First names (Initial Letters) (for each author), Title of the document (in italics), viewed on: (day Month year), retrieved from: (URL complete) (NO punctuation mark at the end!)

Standards: [x] Name of the Standardization Institution, number of the standard: publication year, Name of the standard (in italics). (dot)