Article: IoT impact in textiles management

Authors: SILVESTRU Cătălin-Ionuț, FIRULESCU Alexandru-Cristian, IORDOC Dumitru-Georgian, SILVESTRU Ramona-Camelia, GRECU Andreea

Pages: 10-20
DOI: 10.57263/JMQ.01.01.20222

Published online: 15.09.2022

Abstract: Textiles are a sophisticated and ancient technology with many appealing qualities. They are frequently soft and are readily folded, twisted, sliced, or deformed. When under tension, textiles can hold their shape and can even be manufactured to have different degrees of stretchability. Smart wearables and IoT-based clothing have the potential to have a significant impact by balancing functionality and the joy that fashion brings, along with the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT). It is now possible to easily fabricate both soft materials with embedded flexibility and stiff objects with embedded flexibility by combining textiles and 3D printing. In order to reinvent technology that can anticipate wants and desires, smart clothing tries to strike a balance between engineering, cybersecurity, interface, fashion, user experience, design, and science. The increasing merging of textiles and electronics now allows for the seamless and widespread integration of sensors into textiles, and conductive yarns have been developed to make this possible.

Keywords: smart textiles, IoT, sensors, e-textiles, 3D printing

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