Article: Organizations in change: A short correlational analysis of a few motivational practices and the organizational agility

Authors: VOICA Orlando Marian, SILVESTRU Ramona-Camelia

Pages: 28-32
DOI: 10.57263/JMQ.01.01.20224

Published online: 15.09.2022

Abstract:  Our research examines some organizations that have implemented change in order to identify relevant motivational practices that can be used by organizations that intend to involve themselves in an organizational change endeavour. The research investigate the existing correlations between the organizational ability to reconfigure its’ resources according to the changing demands of the environment and some organizational practices in the sphere of individual motivation, specific to proactive or reactive organizations.. The analysis was based on data collected through a questionnaire whose respondents were directors, managers and consultants directly involved in a change initiative within a Romanian organization and who had extensive knowledge about change processes and their results.  Our results aim to support the continuous improvement of organizational change processes, revealing some motivational aspects with impact on the organizational agility

Keywords: organizational change, agility, reconfiguration capability, motivation

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